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From hand tools to pallet probes, our wide range of strapping tools is designed to make your life easier. 

All our ancillaries (excluding plastic buckles) are available for free delivery in 2-3 working days to the UK mainland.

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APEX edge protectors

These edge protectors hold the strap in place and reduce slippage. They also provide protection against strap damage. Can hold strap up to 16mm wide


Band and buckle

A tool-free polypropylene strapping kit. Comes complete with banding and plastic buckles.


Plastic buckles

These buckles mean you don’t need other strapping tools but are only suitable for light duty applications. For use with 12mm polypropylene strapping and designed to be applied by hand.


EJTEX edge protectors

These edge projectors come in a continuous reel form, and are supplied in a handy self-dispensing carton.


Pallet probes

This pallet strapping kit is a quick and easy way to pass strapping under a pallet. Ideal for use in confined spaces.



Supplied in continuous reel form of 20 loops, Vynaband provides a quick and reusable method of stabilising pallet loads for internal transportation. Comes in a standard loop in a red colour, with a 3.5m circumference stretching up to 4.5m.


PP sealer tool

Use this sealer tool to secure a metal seal around the strapping after a strapping tensioner tool has been used to tighten the strap around your goods. Designed to be used with a strapping tensioner tool (this is sold separately).


PP tensioner tool

Use this strapping tensioner tool to get maximum tension on strapping around cartons and pallets.


PP combination tool (12mm)

An all-in-one tool that can tension, seal and cut your strapping.


Seals and Buckles

Secure your strapping with our range of metal and plastic buckles and metal seals. These add a strong secure seal to strapping, and prevent contents from moving during transit or storage. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for advice on the right seals or buckles for your needs.

All our ancillaries (excluding plastic buckles) are available for free delivery in 2-3 working days to UK mainland  
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