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A guide to the best strapping for your needs

Not sure whether you need heavy-duty strapping or something more lightweight? Read our guide to discover the differences and benefits of our strapping products. 

We cover all bases by manufacturing our strapping in both Polypropylene (PP) and Polyester (PET), as both materials have different properties and advantages. If you’re still unsure which strapping is best after reading our guide, simply submit a five metre length of any strapping and we’ll test to make sure the correct grade is specified for the application, ensuring 100% efficiency.

Polypropylene strap

Looking for something lightweight and economical?

Our PP strapping banding has low density and high rigidity, making it the perfect choice for bundling, stabilising, and preventing breakage in transit and security, while minimising additional package weight. Its high elongation properties mean the packing strap effectively contracts around packages that may settle, making it ideal for securing food, timber, newspaper bundles, and light and medium weight packages.

Polyester strap

Need something super tough and robust?

Our PET strapping has a high tensile strength and impact resistance, providing a hazard-free alternative to steel strapping. It’s the perfect choice for stabilising and palletising in bottling plants and food processing applications where a non-corrosive and non-toxic strap is essential. It’s also ideal for securing bricks, blocks, tiles, metals, pipework, can and bottle pallet banding, and heavy packaging.

Have a specific strapping need? Get in touch with what you need – and we’ll do our best to make it for you.
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