Lightweight and economical, PP strapping is ideal for preventing breakages in transit, while minimising additional package weight.

What is PP strapping?

Made from extruded polypropylene homopolymer, Polypropylene banding strapping (PP) is more lightweight than its counterparts, making it the perfect choice for securing easy-to-carry parcels, boxes and lighter pallet loads, while minimising additional package weight. It can be fitted by hand or via a polypropylene strapping machine, and the high elongation properties of PP strapping tape allows for contraction around packages as they settle, keeping them secure.


Available in a wide range of standard colours, our PP strapping can also be single colour custom printed for brand identity, usage or security purposes. You can choose from four standard ink colours: black, red, blue and green.


We can manufacture PP strapping to suit your exact requirements. We'll even test an existing strap to make sure you get the right strapping – simply submit a five metre length of any strapping and we’ll test to make sure the correct grade is specified for the application, ensuring 100% efficiency. 


Low density

Easily Carried

High rigidity

Works in automatic machinery


Chemical resistance

Doesn't corrode, mark or rust


Thermoplastic re-melting

100% Recyclable


Long lasting

Resistant to abrasion and ageing

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Custom printed strapping


Polypropylene and Polyester strapping can be custom printed with a single colour print from a choice of 4 standard ink colours (black, red, blue and green).


Security:​​ Visual awareness of consignment tampering

Distribution: Helps to distinguish and code packages

Quality Control: Registration codes help traceability

Advertising: Enhanced presentation and brand identification 

All printed strap can be used with manual, semi-automatic and fully automated processes.

Have a specific strapping need? Get in touch with what you need – and we’ll do our best to make it for you.